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      • Making a Portable Coil-gun
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  • Lorenzojose commented on mikeasaurus's instructable DIY bench dogs

    Nice job.a good source for the steel springs is old windshield wiper replacements. The next time you need new blades, take the old one apart and you will find two stainless steel springs in each wiper replacement. They work perfectly and won't stain the bench or your work.

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  • Lorenzojose commented on zowi420's instructable Pack Basket

    the actual generic name for that style of fastener is ( I am not making this up) sex bolts. Google it and hundreds of styles and materials are offered for sale.Great ibble. I have wanted to make an adirondack basket for years and had no idea you could buy the tapes. I envisioned riving white oak splits until my hands bled.

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