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  • Hi Sandra, I left steel wool in vinegar for a few days and then brushed it on- if you google ebonising wood, you'll see loads of methods. I also chipped at the edges of the cajon and then sanded over to create a more worn look. Hope this helps- post up some pics when you're done!

    I want to try and make a giant cajon- I'd guess I'd need to make a frame or brace the panels some how. I'll post up how I get on but got a few things in need to do first!

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  • Ah great thank you! I'll getOn it tomorrow - thanks for your help!

    Cheers Lance! Might look fancy but still not getting over 50ft- any ideas? What psi have you gone up to?

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  • 100-Yard Paper Rocket Launcher

    Thanks for your instructions! Got the class building their rockets today! Very exciting stuff. I've wired in a key overide to prevent anyone launching when their not meant to (work in a referral unit so that will happen) and the addition of flashingLights and the air raid siren will make sure everyone knows what's coming! Not quite got to the 100yard mark but may just need to shorten the launch pipe.

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  • Used a guitar rose over the sound hole to hide my poor cutting efforts! (But ordered the wrong size...)

    Wil load up some photos but they don't seem to be working...


    Cork feet

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  • How To Build Your Own Cajon Box Drum With Adjustable Snare

    Thanks for your instructions! I have wanted to make a cajon for a while and because of your instructions I enjoyed making this! I went for a used/worn look and used an old tap as the handle for the adjustable snare and champagne corks for the feet. It definitely sounds better than my shop bought one. Thanks again!

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  • Glad you like it- I am sharpening my chisels as we type! I probably should have sharpened them more frequently during the build...

    And another - just sharpening my chisels for round 2- thanks again Andii.

    There we go - managed to upload a photo.

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  • So I got some chisels for my birthday and I'd seen your instrucable ... Now I didn't quite achieve as neat a finish as yourself- in fact I made a bit of a dogs dinner of some sections but it's my second project so it could have been worse! Made mine about a metre or so tall and as a housewarming present for my sister. She seems happy enough but I'm bugged by some scruffy mistakes- and a s you can see I failed as chiseling the three corner stripes! Anyways, thanks for taking the time to share this instructable and in such great detail - I reckon I will have another go soon. Cheers Andii (will post up photos soon but having technical issues...)

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  • Here you go miaddrums- I've attached my sketches as well (not that they are of any consequence) but also the website I used to calculate the angle and length of sides of the wall for the space I had- hope they help!

    I'll head out to the garage shortly and take some more photos but yes it's 4ft wide. I'm a very average climber so this has been more than enough for training so far- Id like to extend but space limited so will need to move house first.

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  • Hi Natalia, thanks! It's been more than enough to keep me ticking over. It's free standing but is against a wall which counters any sway if I get over excited but it's pretty solid. If you need and more pictures and/or measurements, let me know.

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