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  • MandarH commented on dr_phil's instructable Arduino-controlled HDMI switch4 years ago
    Arduino-controlled HDMI switch

    Hi, i want to make a similar project in which i want to switch the HDMI input based on PIR Sensor output. Like I have an outdoor CCTV Camera which is first HDMI (actually converted from AV to HDMI) and Cable DTH which is second HDMI. So when as long as the PIR sensor senses human-motion, the first HDMI should be switched other wise the second. Earlier when I had an old TV & DTH, i used a DPTD relay to switch the 2 AV input cables from CCTV and DTH which was very easy. But now its HDMI, so cant use a relay. Any idea, how do i interface the PIR sensor output to the button on HDMI switcher. I mean I could use a relay for that micro-switch but is there a particular sequence in which the button should be pressed in your switcher?

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