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  • Marcod96 commented on sspence's instructable Arduino Load Cell / Scale2 years ago
    Arduino Load Cell / Scale

    So it should!? do you mean floating output? what's the capacity of it?

    Looking at the comments there are a lot of confusion relating to calibration.... It's important to select the correct load cell for the correct application.A max = 200g loadcell won't cope with 5 kg, the same way that a 20t won't cope with 5 kgs.It's important to define the zero (no load) and a full load calibration with a knowing weigh mass or object. Also is important to define the division (or increments) that you trying to establish.A 20Kg X 0.100g = 200 divisions, mean the displayed weight will be 0.00kg (for zero).Hope this helps.

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