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  • MarkB197 commented on shesparticular's instructable Gummi Shot Glasses3 years ago
    Gummi Shot Glasses

    First off, READ THE COMMENTS FIRST!The plate pictured did not have the confectioners sugar on it to begin with. Those suckers are glued on there good! Thawing out to try and get them off.Do not place on any surface without protection. They will stick. Not as bad with the sugar or corn starch, but they will still stick. Used gummi Bears for my attempt. 2 3lb bags to get enough for solid colors.Molds did work well so no complaint there.. There is something missing from this recipe as the shot glasses do not hold shape at room temperature. Only while hard frozen.

    Update; the plate in question is now toast. It and what was left of the Gummi Shot Glasses are in the garbage. Total Fail.

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