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Mark Sindone is a motivated young man just a little over 20 years of age, full of energy and always game for an adventure. In his spare time, he is an active participant in outdoor sports including water-polo, surfing and swimming, and also numerous other activities which challenge his physical and competitive nature. Whenever he has a bit of free time, he keeps a busy calendar as he meets with friends to try some new outdoor activity and at the same time planning the logistics of his upcomin... Read More »
  • Full Size Pokemon Go Incubator Night Lamp

    The neighbourhood where I am currently staying at, Pokemon GO is STILL a thing. I see fans gathering at a nearby hotspot every afternoon trying to catch some powerful monsters. I have uninstalled the app on my phone unfortunately. Hence, I can't see which monsters they were aiming for.

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    Wow! I have never personally seen a camper van with a sundeck before. Not that I think it is a necessary feature but it is amazing to see what creative minds can truly achieve. At the end of the day, camping trips are to relax you so you can bring along whatever makes you relax.

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  • MarkSindone commented on Mr.Sanchez's instructable Pocket Fire Box17 days ago
    Pocket Fire Box

    This would be great for impromptu camping trips when you are lacking of resources. The setup looks pretty simple for a last-minute plan for the outdoors. It looks sturdy yet pretty compact and portable.

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  • MarkSindone commented on nmatthews_1990's instructable Sea of Thieves Inspired Lantern5 weeks ago
    Sea of Thieves Inspired Lantern

    This looks like the perfect gift idea for a huge fan. I have always wanted to build a prop replica of the movie that my family loves but I have yet to set my mind to get the project going. You have inspired me to start.

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  • Marble and Stainless Steel Planters

    This is giving me a good idea that I could probably replicate using marble contact paper! Of course one that's a little bit more weather resistant, especially if those planters are going to be out door. But it could be a very much cheaper option than actually trying to obtain marble slabs at the sizes you need for planters though! Haha!

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  • Restoration of a 1957 Hupp - Perfection  2 Burner Kerosene Stove

    You really have to have a pretty skilled hand to want to handle a stove and other mechanical equipment like this. I would be worried about having to deal with all those moving parts, not to mention one that could be called an antique!

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  • MarkSindone commented on ivan krewa's instructable Dollhouse4 months ago

    This is amazing! Complete with lights too! You guys really went all out to do this - that's a parents' love isn't it? I bet your kids were thrilled to see this under the tree the next day!

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  • MarkSindone commented on jasonluther's instructable DIY Fence With Removable Sections4 months ago
    DIY Fence With Removable Sections

    Does your fencing keep out the wildlife though? I reckon I could use a setup like this for my home in Sydney too, but I think we get quite a lot of critters out in the night so we want to make sure that if we've got rubbish storage cans in the enclosure that the critters would be deterred from sniffing around and getting to them. Looks like it might be worth our while to install a netting over the top eh?

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  • MarkSindone commented on Nick70587's instructable Concrete Zelda Steps4 months ago
    Concrete Zelda Steps

    I love the additional greenery component as it allows a homely touch to still be created alongside the whole concrete setting. People would definitely be in awe while walking on these steps which is an attraction even before setting foot in the house.

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  • MarkSindone commented on gravitino's instructable A Tiny Telescope Observatory4 months ago
    A Tiny Telescope Observatory

    That is a gorgeous piece of housing for the telescope. And it makes a lovely picture when you've got all that lovely field and scenery about it! And that sunset is really just lovely. The pictures you're sharing are probably only as comparable to the ones that you're viewing through the lens though! Thanks for sharing your build!

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  • MarkSindone commented on Kenijo's instructable Tiny Home Office Shed4 months ago
    Tiny Home Office Shed

    There are many uses of mobile tiny homes and to utilize them in the way you desire would mean fully optimizing their full capability. They are available in different sizes so build one that would accommodate your needs. Apart from that, you would also need to consider just how much outdoor space you have got to offer in order not to go beyond your means. When your structure is way bigger than the actual yard, then you might have problems.

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  • MarkSindone commented on Simon_Cloutier's instructable Rustic Wooden Chandelier4 months ago
    Rustic Wooden Chandelier

    I absolutely love this design which complements my current raw, industrial theme perfectly. However, the sets I have seen at stores could be quite costly just for some lamps. It would help me save a lot if I can work on them at home!

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  • MarkSindone commented on MnMakerMan's instructable Whiskey and Coke RFID Lock Box4 months ago
    Whiskey and Coke RFID Lock Box

    I would often leave it to the professionals when electrical components are involved. Furthermore, this particular project even includes some security credentials which I think needs even more expertise.

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  • MarkSindone commented on seona1226's instructable Pomodoro Lamp (LUCEE)5 months ago
    Pomodoro Lamp (LUCEE)

    Ok, and for this reason, man invented lamp shades. It's cool, but it's definitely way too bright and distracting for studying.

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  • MarkSindone commented on aaishtv's instructable DIY Terrarium/Aquascaping /diorama5 months ago
    DIY Terrarium/Aquascaping /diorama

    I am personally really in awe each time I get to see a terrarium in person. I feel that the amount of effort put in each and every single one of them is a tremendous load and needs careful and intricate skills to set one up. I guess patience is truly a key here

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  • Easily Soundproof a Stainless Steel Sink

    This is something interesting to think about. I think that I have some sound-proofing tape that is just lying around the storage room somewhere. Now I have this itch to start pasting it everywhere to see how I can reduce those odd sounds that go bump in the night! Haha! Thanks for the idea mate!

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  • MarkSindone commented on Alex in NZ's instructable Gift Boxes for Home-made Jam5 months ago
    Gift Boxes for Home-made Jam

    It would have been a simple idea to accommodate your simple gesture to just use a bag. Nevertheless, this idea makes the gift all the more personal and would definitely be appreciated and remembered for long

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  • MarkSindone commented on unusual architect's instructable Shelf Bed Storage7 months ago
    Shelf Bed Storage

    Seems like a good idea if you need some storage! I reckon that it's easy enough for people to replicate because those storage shelves are easy enough to purchase from IKEA right?>

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  • MarkSindone commented on rhanks's instructable Tiny House ~ the Bacon Bungalow!7 months ago
    Tiny House ~ the Bacon Bungalow!

    The main concern about living in tiny homes must be the issue of space constraints. If you are able to keep things on the down low and live "light", then I bet living tiny is of no issue to you!

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  • How to Make a SOFA That Turns Into a BED

    I love this sort of versatile furniture. Especially when it has storage built into it all too! It really makes sense as homes are getting smaller and smaller and we really have to maximise the real estate that we have at home. I would definitely want to try giving this build a go in my spare time!

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  • MarkSindone commented on Madebymitch's instructable DIY Baby Gate8 months ago
    DIY Baby Gate

    You would think that it would be easy enough to keep the kids in one area of the house without having them wander everywhere getting into all sorts of mischief but hey, kids do the darnedest things! Anyway, after a little while, they'll devise some tricks and things to get over that baby gate, you just wait and see!

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  • MarkSindone commented on LenkaDesign's instructable Vintage Radio = New Chest of Drawers8 months ago
    Vintage Radio = New Chest of Drawers

    I really love how you turned that vintage radio into a storage unit - it's definitely unique and different. Not to mention probably pretty rare! Not too sure how many people would actually have something like that in storage to convert!

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  • MarkSindone commented on AMbros Custom's instructable DIY Corner Shelves8 months ago
    DIY Corner Shelves

    This is a really nice twist on a corner storage shelf unit. It's not something that people would think of doing right off the bat, but the little bit of extra effort you put in to change the panels up a little bit make a huge difference in the overall look of the shelving when you're done! Thanks for sharing your work!

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  • MarkSindone commented on ganeshruskin's instructable Tiny Tiny House1 year ago
    Tiny Tiny House

    This tiny house is actually pretty amazing! But I couldn't live in a tiny home that didn't at least have indoor plumbing. I can't imagine what I would need to do if I had to go and there wasn't a decent place around for me to go at! For a house that incorporates that, it would need to be at least twice the size, no?

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  • MarkSindone commented on AndresH7's instructable Tiny House on Wheels1 year ago
    Tiny House on Wheels

    This is so in-depth. I think anyone who isn't a builder would be totally out of their league if they tried to attempt this! Unless of course they are certified or have experience building on their own… Not to mention the amount of plumbing and electrical knowledge they'd have to have to set up an entire home... Wow!

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  • MarkSindone commented on Owen Geiger's instructable How to Build an Earthbag Dome1 year ago
    How to Build an Earthbag Dome

    I think it is a reasonable price for the students to pay even though I am pretty certain that the attendance rate will be on an extreme low on both of those 2 additional days. Nobody would want to come back to school after graduation unless there are criteria set like not being able to graduate and so on if they fail to repay those 2 extra days.

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  • MarkSindone commented on Dustman0042's instructable How to Build a DIY Micro Camper1 year ago
    How to Build a DIY Micro Camper

    This is such an interesting tutorial! You make it sound so easy! When I looked at the picture I was envisioning a little storage shed atop a wheelbarrow, but to see that it's really quite versatile and hardy at the end of the day is really a big bonus. Definitely something I could try in Summer next year when camping season starts!

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  • How to dry-sautee mushrooms for eating or storage!

    Thanks for sharing this simple yet highly useful step which can help save a lot of costs due to food wastages. I have always stored my mushrooms and other vegetables in ziplock bags but they do not last as long and might contain a stench even after a short period of time. I think I should include this dry sauté process in my list of things to do when preparing to move house as it might take me some time to open up the fridge even after settling down at the new home.

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  • Flat pack for storage Plywood Picnic Table

    I have always loved DIY furniture pieces which are low cost and easy or convenient enough to make. This is because when I need to move out to a new location, I can just simply leave my current furniture pieces behind or dispose them off as they are not expensive and I can just build new ones upon arriving at the new house. This concept really helps me in making house move easier and saves time and effort.

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  • Fishing Pole Storage - Great for Apartment, Shed or Garage!

    Thanks for sharing this instructable that I have been searching high and low for. I have a few rods up in my self storage unit that are simply tied together in a bunch and leaned against the wall which is definitely not a smart way to store them. I think a piece or two have broken due to being tied tightly together for quite some time now. With this ceiling storage system, I can store them in good condition at home and retrieve them conveniently whenever I feel like fishing.

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  • TARDIS bookcase cupboard - Goodhart Maker Den of Unequity Storage Cabinet

    This is an amazing idea and doesn’t seem that hard to build. I have just the right tools up in my storage unit which have not been in operation for quite some time now so I guess it is the perfect time to gear them up with this cool project. However, I am not entirely a huge fan of Doctor Who so I might just tweak the design a little and come up with something else.

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  • MarkSindone commented on B00mrang's instructable Retro TV unit3 years ago
    Retro TV unit

    Being able to build your own furniture pieces is definitely a great skillset to own. It makes it all easier and more convenient eventually when you need to move out. This piece of modern media console looks portable due to its size as compared to many other bulky ones easily found in stores. Hence, it would be much easier to prepare furniture for removal when the need arises sooner or later.

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  • Recycled desk top organizer on the cheap!

    Building something practical doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive and your instructable proves this fact rightfully. I have some artworks that I need to put up in storage and I have tweaked your idea of the toilet rolls to better protect the canvas and drawing boards. Thanks for sharing a simple yet useful idea.

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  • MarkSindone commented on kentdvm's instructable Build a Window Seat with Storage3 years ago
    Build a Window Seat with Storage

    Storage is always welcomed around the house regardless of the size. I have utilized almost every inch of my apartment including the walls and ceiling to their maximum capability to maximize space as much as possible. I have also tried clearing out some closet space for the sheets but there are just too many. This window seat with storage looks perfect even for the rooms.

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  • Easy wall mounted storage bins for hardware parts

    Organizing things regardless of where the location is will help to maintain a neat and tidy area to encourage easy retrieval later on. I am in the midst of sorting items out from various rooms around the house before putting the rest up in storage and I think I’m going to start with the workshop with your instructable.

    Organizing things regardless of where the location is will help to maintain a neat and tidy area to encourage easy retrieval later on. I am in the midst of sorting items out from various rooms around the house before putting the rest up in storage and I think I’m going to start with the workshop with your instructable.

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  • MarkSindone commented on RangerJ's instructable Workshop Storage3 years ago
    Workshop Storage

    Tools are not something that I use on a regular basis so I have decided to conveniently dump all of them in a storage box and stowed away for good in my storage unit until further need arises. However, as time passes by, their physical condition deteriorates as their metal pieces get in contact with one another to produce rust. This workshop idea would definitely help me solve my issue with my tools and have them within sight for easy retrieval.

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  • MarkSindone commented on monstamusic's instructable Ultimate Ikea DJ Unit3 years ago
    Ultimate Ikea DJ Unit

    I have a similar shelf which I have abandoned in my self storage that I thought wouldn’t be of any use to me currently. However, this instructable looks exciting even though I am not entirely into DJ-ing but I think I could build something similar to this for my stereo or as a media console at the living room. It would definitely be a centerpiece with lots of storage space to conceal in all the mess like newspapers and such.

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  • MarkSindone commented on laxcatcreations's instructable DIY Fabric Storage Boxes3 years ago
    DIY Fabric Storage Boxes

    I have always wanted to throw away those unutilized cardboard pieces in the garage but now that I have found your instructable, I know just the solution out to get rid of the mess while creating beautiful storage boxes to build something for my kitchen appliances storage. They are now simply lying around aimlessly on the kitchen counter which could be an eyesore since I do not use them regularly and the cabinets are too full with other daily necessities. To be able to conceal them inside a box would definitely be much more convenient.

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  • Adjustable Hanging Garage Storage System

    I have always been utilizing my wall space with racks and shelves but for bulky items, I have no other options but to stack them on the floor instead which take up a lot of room. Hence, they could at times be knocked over and cause a mess especially in the dark. I have also thought of storing them temporarily in a nearby storage unit as they only get used occasionally. However, with this storage system idea things might just change around the garage.

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  • MarkSindone commented on littlebadwren's instructable Cardboard Storage Cube Ottoman3 years ago
    Cardboard Storage Cube Ottoman

    I have always preferred ottomans as a foot stool as compared to other regular ones you can easily find in stores. I feel that it is better to have a dual-usage furniture piece as compared to just something that holds your feet. Now that I have this easy but highly useful instructable in my hands, I might just clear space in my store room where there are a few stacks of abandoned cardboard pieces.

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  • Build a Modular Storage Bed For Cheap In Like, 5 Seconds. And Save The World A Little.

    Who does not welcome additional storage space around the house right? And underneath the bed is definitely one of the perfect locations to utilize in order to create some room. Thus far, I have only been using bed raisers which help to elevate the bed by a few inches good enough for me to squeeze in some storage boxes which are clearly still insufficient. I think I have a few of the pallets and other stuff necessary to build this modular bed in my self storage unit which can finally be worked on.

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  • MarkSindone commented on ssmeed's instructable Can Ikea make this room better?3 years ago
    Can Ikea make this room better?

    Ikea has a variety of storage solutions to help you organize all of that clutter. They also have shelves and racks for you to further maximize storage since you seem to have a lot going on there. As for the furniture, there are some cost-efficient yet beautiful pieces if you choose wisely.

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  • Cheapest Keys Organizer (Flexible to add and Remove)

    This is indeed a very cost-efficient and practical way to store your bunch of keys even you have ran out of key chains. It would be difficult though to remove the cable tie should you accidentally cut the ends too short.

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  • Basics - Organizing Breadboard Jumper Cables

    This idea is not bad at all. However, I personally would find smaller or shorter jars to store the cables so as to save up on space when they are arranged next to one another.

    This idea is not bad at all. However, I personally would find smaller or shorter jars to store the cables so as to save up on space when they are arranged next to one another.

    This idea is not bad at all. However, I personally would find smaller or shorter jars to store the cables so as to save up on space when they are arranged next to one another.

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