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  • How to repair those useless new clippers

    Seems you have to get all the flint and skin out from the grooves. Tried with a knife and it seems to make it work a bit atleast. A needle probably would do it better. Really not sure why they made these angled edges. Maybe so it hurts? In any case this is no good if you are smoking roll ups and keep relighting the thing then the lighter is causing pain when it is not lighting first time. my thumb is pretty bad and there is other thumb and another finger also hurting a bit when using this lighter. Those other lighters with the electric spark have an intentional defect in them so it brakes after a while. You can tell because there is a weak point there. they could just as easily make them last for a very long time at no extra cost.

    This has obviously been done on purpose to get people to buy a new one. This increases environmental destruction and my finger is hurting coz of trying to light with this rubbish lighter. I am going to look for another option so as not to reward these people when they were already making good money before with a decent enough lighter.

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