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  • Guten tag! Sorry for the two year old reply, we have slow internet in the USA, :) Now, with that said, let me say that your Enderman is totally awesome! I bow to the awesome-ness that is your Enderman. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! :D Seriously though, your your Enderman is very cool, and I love how it also doubles as a body pillow and potentially, even a Halloween costume. By the way, your nephew is quite the lucky lad to have such a wonderful aunt, hand make him something so magnificent. Finally, I would just like to say, that I think it's super cool that my instructable inspired someone all the way across the pond! P.S. I love how you posed him for all of the pictures. Lol.

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  • Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on making your Wither, it seems remarkably well done. It's such a laborious process, but the glow on the face(s) of the recipient(s), is undoubtedly, worth the effort. I'm sure that your boys will always remember the Wither that their Mom made for them. Hopefully, he will survive all the rough play. Keep your sewing needle handy, Mom. :)

    Well, you don't have to die to make one, but after you craft it, I cannot be liable for anything that transpires. As you may or may not know, Withers can be quite the handful, with all of their flying around, careless misuse of lethal weaponry, extraordinary tenacity, and general reaping of havoc, usually resulting in large areas of devastation in their wake. Sometimes we really need to be careful with the things that we wish upon ourselves. Just saying... ^_^

    I feel ashamed that you posted this over a year ago and I'm just now reading it; however, it doesn't diminish the fact that you did an awesome job! The love that you tediously put into every one of your stitches is a clear indication of a truly genuine and heartfelt friendship. Only a true friend would selflessly go through such great lengths, in order to express their gratitude and I'm honored that you chose to use my instructable, in order to symbolize that.

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  • Hi, sorry for the super late reply. Your Endy looks proportional to me. It's just a the angle of perception. Also, I love the purple eyes. Great job!

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