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  • MattN46 commented on jenfoxbot's instructable Raspberry Pi Irrigation Controller3 years ago
    Raspberry Pi Irrigation Controller

    Actually this can be done with an Arduino now. The wifi101 shield (works with the Uno and the zero quite well) plus Blynk would make it operable from a mobile device over the web as well. Or an Adafruit feather MO with build in wireless. Not that Raspberry Pi is a bad choice anyway but just so people know there are options (helpful if you already have an arduino board). A feather MO would use significantly less power too making it more solar friendly. They also have a LiPo connector and smart solar charging boards that can send power either from an external source like solar while charging the LiPo and then just running the feather MO off the LiPo at night or when there's no external source.

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