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  • Arduino and PCF8574 IO Expander – Binary Counter and I2C Bus Read / Write

    My understanding is that these can drive 7 segment (plus dot) displays directly, and that 330 Ohm resistors are not necessary? i.e. it is meant to directly drive LEDS @ 15-20mA.

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  • MatthewM156 commented on AdventuresInJunkLand's instructable Fix Up an Old Laptop!7 months ago
    Fix Up an Old Laptop!

    This is a really used laptop, not an "old" laptop. It is Lenovo branded, not IBM. It's a Thinkpad, the only issue is the memory. It's good for plenty. Like luxury cars they get to the point where a service costs more than the thing is worth. New battery, up the RAM, bit of a clean. The street cred of a Thinkpad has some value too. This will run rings around a Pentium III.

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  • DIY Boost Converter || How to Step Up DC Voltage Efficiently

    But using an 8 bit computer to regulate voltage ? Hard for anyone to maintain in your absence if and when it fails. You would need to supply spares. I don't mind people using op-amps instead of transistors, but I am against using Arduinos instead of 555 timers, say. Yes it is fun, but why drive in thumbtacks with sledgehammers ? Good effort though, people will replicate to see what tweaking can be done. Not enough younger people doing this anymore. My wife has a Masters, and has *never* used a soldering iron. Many people are no longer comfortable buying discrete components any more either. I was so happy to see Nixies in Tomorrowland ! Please do something with Nixies...

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