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  • MichaelA91 commented on sajingeo's instructable Bluetooth Speakers using Raspberry Pi3 years ago
    Bluetooth Speakers using Raspberry Pi

    In the file audio.conf its blank so I hope I am right about adding the linesudo nano /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf add the following after [general] in nano Enable=Source,Sink,Media,SocketNo file nameddaemon.conf in the /etc/pulse/so I cant add to a file that isn't there.

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  • MichaelA91 commented on Naran's instructable DIY Smart Power Sockets3 years ago
    DIY Smart Power Sockets

    Ok dumb question but why would we need to buy this we are making them? I mean its all there.2nd question why is there only a step 1 and none others unless I missed something?Thanks

    Hi,Ok I found how to make this project but why would we buy the plugs that will cost us around 30.00 and has the remotes and everything? Wouldnt there be something else that is cheaper that we can make with the RPI?

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