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  • thanks for your quick reply...... i think i may need to start from scratch. I am finding ( or think i am) some dependencies throughout this doc (please correct me if i am wrong).directories we are creating and referencing: mkdir /home/pi/binbut we are pointing to : /home/pisudo nano /home/pi/myinputbut the screen shot shows : "mywminput" vs i off or headed in the right direction?

    With the following:#!/bin/bashsleep 1 # Wait until Bluetooth services are fully initializedhcitool dev | grep hci >/dev/nullif test $? -eq 0 ; then wminput -d -c /home/pi/mywinput E0:E7:51:29:32:F2 & wminput -d -c /home/pi/mywinput 00:26:59:F8:67:84 &else echo "Blue-tooth adapter not present!" exit 1fiI was able to register the wimote as a bluetooth device, however in retropi controller config it comes up as a keyboard and i am only able to map the dpad (as keyboard up, down, left, right arrow). No buttons are recognized.

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