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  • The paper mesh certainly will make this a stronger hole.

    Thank you for the tips. I have used the same sort of technique using a low voltage mpls or caddy since i have that at my disposal since that is the line of work I do. I also have a hole saw kit so i will try this with smaller holes.


    I wouldnt suggest remounting anything back unless you had too. If you are not going to be putting too much weight on the shower rail and need to put it back at the same spot It should hold fine. The paper mesh around the hole should hold it as long as the paint was dry.

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  • As a landlord, I wouldnt appreciate the toothpaste in the wall. A for effort but lets just say I would be deducting some money depending on how many holes i needed to remove toothpaste from and spackle with compound and repaint.

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  • Why noy just get an outlet installed behind the mirror so none of the cord will show. They make outlets that are recessed and inexpensive like this one here. built a networked digital picture frame and ran a laptop behind it as the main piece. This is before tablets and small factor mobos became reasonably priced and more mainstream. I ran a piece of cat 6 low voltage in wall wire down the wall and into the laptops brick. I wouldnt recommend that today because it was most likely a fire hazard but you could also do that with high voltage in wall wire and wire it to an outlet below the mirror for easy removal later. Great job on the post.

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  • On my last computer when the screensaver came on whatever I was playing(Movie) or whatever was on the screen (Excel sheets) went into minimize mode and it showed the desktop whenever a mouse click or keyboard stroke was made. I dont know if this was a fluke or not but can anyone tell me how I can get my computer to do this again? Here is what would happen. If I was watching a movie and it paused the screensaver would come on but still would show whatever was on the screen.. Then when I hit a keyboard stroke it would go straight to desktop. Now when I hit a keystroke, the screensaver disappears. I would rather it goto the desktop. THX

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