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  • MikB commented on NeRD-AETTUA's instructable RasPro4 days ago

    Cool project, but I see no mention of safety earthing. As this is a metal case, and liable to come in contact with high voltages (including from a power supply held down with hot glue!) please remember to add a firm connection bolted to the grater to the incoming IEC earth.

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  • MikB commented on liquidhandwash's forum topic Site update?4 days ago

    Bookmarked! So glad this feature has been put back -- thanks!

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  • MikB commented on ShakeTheFuture's instructable Make a Chain From a PVC Pipe11 days ago
    Make a Chain From a PVC Pipe

    I can't quite tell from the picture, but if it's the mini razor-saw slitting blades, then I don't even like using them handheld, at all, because they have tendency to catch and take off (cartoon style) across the workpiece and aim straight for any body parts :(If it's the cut-off discs (thin grinders), then maybe you get away with it, like when you accidentally file your finger: A file will remove material from wood/metal/plastic but not so much with skin ... !But I echo seamster's thought. :)

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  • MikB commented on makefailrepeat's instructable Electro-etching Aluminium 6 weeks ago
    Electro-etching Aluminium

    Step 2: "the toner transfer method is really good or you can use a resit-pen"Is this the kind of pen you use after your first attempt at exams, with the slogan "Exam. Fail. Repeat"Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

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