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  • MikeJ67 commented on ErikaT5's instructable Custom Leather Corset2 years ago
    Custom Leather Corset

    This is a wonderful example of a fantastic Instructable, well planned, documented and thought out! Thank you so much for sharing.I'll definitely be back to refere to your guidance in the (hopefully) not to distant future!

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  • MikeJ67 commented on halledean's instructable Leather Underbust Harness2 years ago
    Leather Underbust Harness

    Really impressive for your first foray into the wonderful world of leather! I too just recently discovered my local Tandy Leather, and, like you stated on your first visit, I know nothing of leather working. But I hope to change that very VERY SOON! I asked the manager, who was ridiculously helpful, a plethora of questions and learned a ton, but nothing teaches better than doing soooooo.....How did you go about measuring yourself? Did you have an assistant or just tape one end of the tape to yourself and then pull your dims?I too mirror Chesire in that I would love to know more about the template creating process you followed.What would you do differently if you were to make this piece again?Anywho............ Great work again!This inspires me to action!

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