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  • Miner20 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for WD-40

    Just a note, and at the time I was young and thought it was hilarious, my friend started to spray under the bonnet of his car while it was running " to protect it against damp conditions" this was an a car in the 70's with wire HT leads and a coil on the inner wing and the old fashioned spray mist type WD-40 The next second there was an almighty fire flash and blew my mate over and shut the bonnet of the car, it was funny at the time but after seeing that I never sprayed WD on a running engine ever

    Although WD-40 is great stuff please do not use it on vinyl records this will cause you to wreck the LP it will look great but it will cause your stylus to clog and you will land up scratching the vinyl record making it useless when you try to play it again, this happens as you said in the early part of the information that it leaves a residue behind, which in fact fills the record grooves causing the problemIf you need to clean your vinyl records you can buy shop cleaner or you can make your own with a mixture of distilled water, soap flakes and some isopropyl alcohol and use a decent quality small brush and lint free cloth

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  • Ok if you totally understand electronics and have a load of test equipment, I always thought Instructables was about the average guy making things out of bits and bobs to save a bit of cash, just my opion

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  • Great if your car has these buttons, does not work on flush or recessed buttons or if you have double locking (like most modern cars)

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