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  • MitchellD14 commented on TheOverclocker's instructable QAV250 Racing FPV Quadcopter3 years ago
    QAV250 Racing FPV Quadcopter

    Also what is the range of the two types of transmitters and receivers, with the fly sky and the 9 channel one. I think what I've saw online so far is that the fly sky receiver has low range. Plus is there a way just besides testing how far it goes to calculate how far the range is on a transmitter plus receiver? Thanks. FYI I'm looking for a 3,000 ft range or more.

    Also one last question sorry for too many questions. Do you happen to have a parts list using the same flight controller, for faster quicker upgrade because I'm going high for my budget so i just want the best out of it and be able to compete in racing once I enough practice. Thanks.

    Hi, I'm wondering what the battery life would be with nothing on it just the First-person-View, and how fast you think it goes like 60-70 mph?

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