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  • MoleMans commented on MoleMans's instructable How to Make Mead
    How to Make Mead

    Re-read your question and I don't think I answered it. We have never had any trouble with getting the solids out of the jug. Just rinse with hot water and they should break up enough that you can pour them out. Wash them with soap and hot water and a bottle brush. You can rinse them with alcohol once they are clean to really make sure everything is dead if you like as well.

    I am so happy to see people are still finding this useful! The internet is great😁 We have had great luck siphoning off the majority by carefully avoiding the top floaty stuff and the yeasty Mass at the bottom. Once you get low in the fermenter you can either throw some away, which is what we usually do, or you can use a coffee filter and pour it slowly through. It may take a couple coffee filters as they get gunked up.

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