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  • Arduino Nano Quadcopter

    Yeah, of course you can use the 33 BLE instead. When you refer to Arduino BLE, you better specify which exact board you are talking about... :D The clone boards have the same name etc.. Can you send me the link to the board you are talking about and maybe then I can assist you better :)

    Yeah, so both of the 33 BLE have built-in IMU, so you can use any of these two and then don't need an external IMU :) Note though that they have different microcontrollers on board.

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  • 1. You don't need the diodes 1N5822 in here as the transistors already have these embedded.2. Are you sure the circuit exactly as in here?3. Are the two grounds connected? (I mean is the resistor connected to the bottom/Source transistor pin).Debug steps:1. Take out the resistor completely, try now by applying either 0V or 5V to the Gate.2. If that doesn't work take out the Diode, it's not helping anyhow in here anyway.3. Instead of motor connect the Top pin/Drain to an Oscilloscope and check what happens when you change the Voltage on the gate.

    Should be fine for as long as full code can fit in it. I can see that it has twice less memory (16KB as opposed to 32KB)

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  • I see from js you need to create your query as:http://ipaddressgoeshere/API/switches/sw1?on?password=yourpasswordhere

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  • I wouldn't recommend these mosfets as they have very high gate threshold voltage (2-4V) and as mentioned before, we have batteries of 3V (dis-charged) 4.2V (fully-charged), thus in the case of a bad luck we might not be able to fully turn the transistor on. Anyway, any resistor 1k, 10k, etc. will be ok. (have a look, I modified slightly as to use 10k resistors in the instructable)...

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  • IRF530 have gate-source threshold voltage of 2V (Min) up to 4V (Max), so Arduino might not be able to turn the transistor completely on. You may find that it works because you get good transistors. You see, Li-po batteries only have 3-4.2V, thus they might not work, you would have to install a voltage converter from 3.7-to-5V. TIP120 might work, but make sure you use correct connections, also you may want to have a look into similar projects for driving motors such as

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  • Sorry, took me awhile to come back to this project, just added.

    At the moment writing some software.

    There is too many options in here. What exact communication do you want? You might want to explore Nodics...

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  • Mhm, can you give me some more insight about how do you want to connect it? The whole wiimote circuit or just the gyro?

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