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  • Inexpensive Doggie Ramp

    Absolutely! Remember, you can even make it wider by simply spreading out the two racks. And I found that I could sell it at my garage sale for forty bucks... can’t lose no way, no how!(Buster died of cancer...)

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  • Inexpensive Doggie Ramp

    It’s rock solid. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. The shelving is hardened steel that does not flex. No flex = no wobble!

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  • Inexpensive Doggie Ramp

    Jennifer... mea culpa for the late response. Your bruiser of a cat surely loves you for this!

    It worked for Boo, it will work for yoo too.

    What a great looking long eared dog... errr bunny! Keep the rabbit safe from coyotes! Good job on the bunny ramp. I’m really glad it is helping so many pets...

    What a bloody great idea! Congrats on such a good job!

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  • Inexpensive Doggie Ramp

    Let me know how it works but I agree, four feet is too short.

    Perfect dog! Boo bathed himself like a cat. He hated getting his feet wet or muddy so we never had to worry about him tracking up the house because he wouldn’t walk in mud or water.

    Love you too, Rose!!!!

    Everyone who built one... loves it for their dogs and cats. Price is perfect too.

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  • Inexpensive Doggie Ramp

    Fantastic for the bunny! Double bonus for use by the kitty!

    My Shar Pei weighed 69 pounds. The shelving is designed to hold 100 lbs/ liner foot. Your dog should be just fine!

    Wooo Hooo for the Shar Peis! I hope it turned out well.

    We must push the science of doggie rehab and if you ask me, you did just that. Your dog is much happier as a result, I’m sure!

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  • It can run $32 to $36, which is inexpensive.Lou

    Go for it and let me know how it works out for you!

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  • Good idea! There’s no use in doing work twice! Good job!

    I’m sorry to hear that. I know that you can also make a ramp using woven wire mesh with edges bent to create the ridgity you need.


    Emily,Yes! One shelf will easily support your 15 pounder with little concern. Your dog will takecright to it!

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  • Fantastic; don’t forget to post a photo!

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  • Boo ya!

    This ramp can easily support 125 pounds. My Shar Pei weighs 70 pounds and he doesn’t affect it in the least. Try building one, you’ll see that your big dog can easily be accommodated onnit with no issues.

    Easily! My Shar Pei weighs 70 pounds without any problem. The ramp can support way more than what your dog weighs.

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  • What a great looking dog!

    Those low wheel clearance Dachhunds defiitely appreciate the effort. I bet their faces just lit up when they realized what it was for.

    I'm sorry for the pain you are feeling. It's never easy and in all respects, it shouldn't be... my heartfelt condolences to you.

    Oh man, you scored big time. I never thought about HforH as a source! Good job!

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  • Use a glue gun!

    Good for you! Don’t forget to ask someone close for help if you need it. In addition, you can make it lighter by removing every other price of wire on the shelving pieces. Good luck and post a photo!

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  • Good for you two! Your doggie will love you for this!

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  • It definitely adds to your capacity in your safe.

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  • It worked for Boo, it will work for yoo!

    First off, we call that type of dachshund a spotted cow (affectionately) from where I come from. We used to get our pair all giddy with excitement by softly saying, "Weenie" over and over again while raising the volume until they were going crazy. Some of those little guys take a little more of a learning curve due to their perceived height issues (fear of heights). I would suggest lining each side with a piece of cardboard to a point above his/her eye level. Once the pooch gets use to using it, simply crop the cardboard lengthwise by one inch every three days until it's gone.

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  • It sure looks functional! Hope your dog likes it. So far, everyone is gappy with their build results.

    Your second dog will catch on soon enough. It’s like teaching them to use a doggie door. They learn by example. Your idea of using a trail of treats will eventually work! I’m glad it turned out well and at such a killer price, what dog can complain?

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  • My dog is in the same boat... no running allowed.

    Home depot remanent!

    Try propping it up with a stool, box or something similar, then use bungy cords to tie it between the box spring and the mattress. The other way is to slip a piece of plywood between the box spring and the mattress about half the length of the ramp and poitionbit so the ramp come up to the same height as the bed top. Zip tie and bungy cord it in place...

    I'm glad tou like it!

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  • Oh, heck yeah! Doubled-up shelving Is extremely strong.... It is a very tough assembly.

    My dog weighs 70 pounds and another dog whose owner made a ramp weighs 167 pounds... I would hate to have his food bill!

    Use a hot melt glue gun and you'll be fine! Or draft a strapping young lad in the neighborhood to help you push the awl through the carpet for your zip ties.Also, if you clip the zip ties off, you will leave a very sharp edge. Use a lighter to round off these hope this helps.Lucien

    Good for you and your pet!

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