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  • Mukiez007 commented on cwbenz's instructable FAN repair2 years ago
    FAN repair

    I followed all the steps and was able to fix my fan though it's a little complicated but was very adventurous and this is actually my first time....and I kind of did something though not healthy but it worked as related to my "terminal fuse" I was able to get a new capacitor but couldn't get the terminal fuse so I short-circuit the fuse don't know if that's the right word "short-circuit" but it has a good ring to it. anyway this is what I did, I rowed the fuse with a very slim wire and solder but end and boom I have me a working terminal fuse....and I CAREFULLY followed the rest steps. I don't know how long it will live but it's working awesomely well. ONLY TRY THIS IF YOU CAN'T GET A NEW TERMINAL FUSE.

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