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  • NancyIngalls followed HaleyP5 and tubbytommy2 years ago
  • Euro Pallet Log Shed - 7 Foot High Approx

    I like your idea of building a shed to store wood,putting a bench for a log splitter great ideas. We live in Canada and I would like to have a wood shed near our house to store enough wood in for about a week at a time, we buy about four cords of wood for the every winter and we just pile it off to the side of our driveway and cover it with a tarp. My husband could bring enough wood to the wood shed near our house once a week.Great idea.

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  • Make an Easter egg kitty treat dispenser.

    I just bought one similar it has holes in it's ears that they now have a kitty treat that looks like a noodle for them to eat and you can also put their favourite treat in the belly of it it cost me I think about two dollars at the dollar store. I would have made it if I had thought of looking here soon !?

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