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  • Cleaning Rust Off of Tools Without Harsh Chemicals

    yeah, i used the green stuff, cant remember the name, but once you rinse it there is nothing left and the surface is clean. i used it to clean the cargo bay on a 3/4t van that i bought. i dont know what they had been hauling in the back but it sure took it toll on the metal. the van belonged to the army and used on an airfield so i kinda wonder if they didnt haul batteries with it. that is the only thing i can think of cause i used to be in helicopter aviation in the army. evidently they didnt put any rubber down to put the whatever they were hauling to prevent it but like i said, it belonged to the army. great van, only 42,000 when i got it and it runs the same way. i put down some of the bed liner stuff after the bed dried good and it has stopped rusting as far as i can see.

    well, you can say all you want about those HF tools that they sell but i have had some for 20 years and i think i only broke one 9/16 combo. i usually buy craftsman sockets and combo's but i havent bought open/box in 20 years. i do break sockets but they always replace them even if they have been used on butterfly or ratchet impacts. i damn sure wont buy snap on or matco. they are a ripoff. no way is a set of combo worth $200. lose one and it will cost you $50 to replace one.

    it is fish oil mostily

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