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  • USB Voltage and Current Tester!! (version 1)

    I have Acer i5 laptop and all of my usb port are dead because of brownout I think the problem is in the board but when I plug a optical mouse the red light alive but no response in system my brother said the mother board of my laptop have damage like the resistors somthing like that, how can i fix the low voltage output in my laptop please help me I can't work because of this problem.thanks!!

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  • How to power nearly anything off a USB port

    sir can I have help ? my laptop usb port don't produce enough power output so even mouse I can't use it all of my port in laptop didn't work i cant copy any file to/from flash drive, when I insert optical mouse it just blink the red light and didn't recognize at all how can i fix this sir thanks.sorry for my bad english

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