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  • NickO32 commented on rickyeatough's instructable The Ultimate DIY Guide to Quadcopters3 years ago
    The Ultimate DIY Guide to Quadcopters

    Question for experienced builders!!I am working on a project and trying to build a quadcopter/plane combination. My team wants to put the front rotors into the main wings of the plane, to make it streamlined and original. A major constraint for effective performance of planes is that the Center of gravity must be about 30% behind the leading edge of the main wing. This means that if we have an in-wing rotor design, the COG will be right @ the front rotors, making the 2 front rotors essentially support ALL of the weight. Basically, our issue is this: Can we have huge motors and ESC's for the front 2 rotors of the plane, and then just have 2 smaller supporting rotors in the back? Would a flight controller be able to handle such an off center COG?

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