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  • NickS21 commented on noahw's instructable How to Clean Your Sinuses

    Isn't this in the post, that is an extremist by any means. They should not be scaring people. I did say use distilled but I would not say that it is wrong using tap water if you live where the water is tested regularly."Doing this can kill you in several hours.DO NOT DO THIS!"

    No they said it would kill you. 25 years of being a trauma nurse not once have a seen a doctor write a death certificate for death by a neti pot. Nor have I ever seen someone come into a hospital from an infection caused by irrigating the nasal cavities.

    @yonatan24 = Your an extremist I can see. The salt is not going to hurt anyone for one thing. It may if you have health issues that would contraindicated but a 200 pound person has about 40 teaspoons of salt in there body at any one time.Being a Nurse for a quarter of a century I can tell you this. Your nasal cavity is not sterile, just as your digestive tract is not a sterile environment. Have you ever heard of eating sterile burgers instead of non sterile. Just a statement to get you to thinking in the right mindset.Yes some tap water could cause infection, but if it causes and infection then you shouldn't cook with it or drink it either.It is important to use distilled water.

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