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  • NikcufF commented on barri_kid's instructable Radio Jammer3 years ago
    Radio Jammer

    No I think UHF jammer needed?

    can you hook different oscillator's or multi units to create a wide sweeping rf jammer?

    You need to look into voice to skull-V2K / synthetic telepathy / Electronic Harassment and ORGANIZED STALKING #Gas lighting / Gang stalking /CointelproMicro wave Hearing what you hear is a CRIME BEING PERPETRATED ON YOU! Seriously

    there is a you tube video some where just enter it and the guy gives a link to were he got the plans?

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  • NikcufF commented on m1k3y's instructable How to block/kill RFID chips3 years ago
    How to block/kill RFID chips

    For animals sure I would think a good idea, But with the way this society is going I don't think it will matter. If the desire to abuse technology for illicit acts they will have the means to circumvent any chips or watch you, Find you. You would need kill your dog to go on the run when SHTF and isn't that what you want to avoid? Mr. Wookie

    Oh yeah wiki ain't peer . Only that it is open for their 2 cents. PEER WOULD MEAN "I HAD A IMPLANT AND GOT CANCER".

    would this help? By PEER are you TALKING of producing a implantee?

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