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  • NinaA12 commented on stuartbray's instructable How to paint foam latex appliances2 years ago
    How to paint foam latex appliances

    Hello again! I understand so far that silicone and latex are not friends. But with an appliance like this, can I use something like Skin Tite on the rest of the face with no problems? Anything else you'd recommend so the whole shebang looks like it's all part of the same face? I assume by painting correctly I'll have continuity.

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  • Using Silicone-based pastes to create quick makeup FX

    So I have to make a nasty zombie for an upcoming film, and I am stumped about what to use on the hands. He may or may not be touching another actor, and whereas the makeup can smear (as good blood and gore would) I don't want the darn thing to fall off. And I cannot make gloves currently. 3rd degree then?

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