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  • Moon Photography Guide for Beginners (using an Entry-level Camera and Kit Lens)

    Nikon used to have what they called "The Nikon School" (as you would expect, it was one big ad for Nikon, but the people who conducted it were really, really good photographers. They would come into town for 2 sessions, Friday evening and Saturday or Sunday and Monday evening. One of their tips was: if you were shooting on a bright sunny day, and your light meter crapped out for whatever reason, their rule of thumb for exposure settings was to shoot at f16 and shutter speed being the inverse of the film speed. The fun comment was if your meter died when photographing the full moon was the same: because it is a bright sunny day on the moon, wasn't it? I don't do enough digital photography to know whether this would carry over to digital. Does anyone know whether it does?

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  • Oberrw commented on smogdog's instructable A Maker's Lunch Box
    A Maker's Lunch Box

    Like the build. Just an FYI, the "an old washing contraption (squeezing the water out)" is/was called "a wringer washing machine" the "contraption" is the wringer portion.

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  •  DIY Miniature Solar System...

    Just an FYI: I saw this a while ago (I was dumb and didn't write down the source):Solar System Described as Fruits and Vegetables:Sun. A 1 foot Pumpkin. Distance (in feet) from the PumpkinMercury. A Tomato Seed. 50Venus. A Pea. 75Earth. A Pea. 100Mars. A Small Raisin. 175Jupiter. An Apple. 550Saturn. A Peach. 1,025Uranus. A Plum. 2,050Neptune. A Plum. 3,225Pluto stays in the 'fridge.

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