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  • Multiplexing 7 Segment displays with Arduino and Shift Registers

    Hi, I thought a benefit of using multiplexing would be to reduce the amount of wires and it should only require the single shift register as you can feed the same number to all all displays but since only one will be on at a time they will display different digits. It just might be what I thought of as I'm using common cathode, but you should absolutely be able to do it with common anode. What gets changed from what you have should be the same regardless of which display one uses.The only reason I ask is because I was going to ask how you got such distinct differences in between segments that are on and those that are off, because the lights that should be off are half as bright as the ones that are on because it's pretty much PWM.

    Just realized this is super old, my b. Don't feel inclined to say anything.

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