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  • OsarkT commented on bob8898's instructable ESP8266 Solar Flare Monitor1 year ago
    ESP8266 Solar Flare Monitor

    nice project, especially for those involved with long distance radio. However, I must point out the Stereo-A spacecraft was struck with a Carrington class flare in 2012.

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  • OsarkT commented on Donutman77's instructable Basic Survival Kit2 years ago
    Basic Survival Kit

    This is a nice, well thought out little kit. Excellent work.The only change I might suggest is the replacement of the lighter with a more versatile miniature torch.

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  • OsarkT commented on ranwithjesus's instructable Basics of Archery3 years ago
    Basics of Archery

    Sorry for being one of those “you got it wrong” people, and I’mnot trying to be insulting. Just pretty sure you left out an Important Detail. I would argue that you’veoversimplified the “Find your Bow” section, as poundage alone does not fit a bow to aperson.Far more important than the DrawWeight is the Draw Length. I shoot a twenty-five pound fiberglass bow, a fortypound fiberglass bow, and fifty pound hunting bow. The poundage varies, but thedraw length of all three is exactly the same, at thirty-two inches.

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