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  • Ikea Shelf Turned Into an Indoor Aquaponics System

    I love aquaponics, but please, improve the life of your fishes, be nice with them. You chose the wrong kind of fish for your project. Never use goldfish if it's not in a pound. They really need a lot of water to be healthy and not get place-inducted dwarf. It causes domage to their organs. And they are too many in the place where you put them. Choose guppies or other fish instead, Please, study well the needs of the fishes before electing. The same way your choose a cat, a dog or a rabbit bread. And your fishes do need hiding places.

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  • PERCEN commented on TimAnderson's instructable Kefir Kombucha Hybrid5 months ago
    Kefir Kombucha Hybrid

    If you have 0 knowledge in fermented foods or drinks, it does.

    Not gross, delicious.

    Home made kefirs and kombuchas are the best, no comparison. Find someone to send them to you, many people will do it for free, you'll only have to pay the shipping fee. Google to find kombucha & kefir sharing groups or forums.

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  • Bluestacks as a repository of apps for sideloading onto an Android device with no Play access...

    ES File + Titanium Backup (needs Rooted BlueStacks)= best of the best,for saving apk and data. Set the backup folder for Titanium, as a Windows folder, and choose "no compression" in Titanium saving options, and voilà! All the apk+their data can be installed wherever you want, you can send them with a sharing application, through mail, bluestooth, wifi, SD card, USB stick, whatever...

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