• Sound Bending Machine - Intro to Circuit Bending

    So took longer than I expected I mounted it in a giant Christmas altoids tin - wanting a mint tin project lol:) I dumped the distorts as that was not what I wanted to do :).Also I found the slow down needed a different leg soldered in then the speed up - fortunately I tested along the way. I also found a "cell phone speaker" box amplifier at the dollar store so I wired that in for more volume :) Thank you so much for this write up I loved it and made a fun thing that I and the kids have been playing with all afternoon Snowman gave drillers for speaker - power for amp and circuit - large momentary duckbill for recording - small looper switch - 2 500k pots - momentary panel mount play on top - 3.5 mm mono mix jack with a cheap lapel mic

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