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After graduating and trying his hand at a Jett Fitness Franchise, Paul Chau knew that he wanted to start something else on his own. His parents taught him to be ambitious and diligent at what he did and with his family in Perth and 2 best friends Angelo and Chad at his side, Paul decided to take on a Supercheap Storage franchise and open up the latest outlet for mobile storage units in Perth! Supercheap Storage is fast gaining recognition for its simply easy and simple method of helping pe... Read More »
  • How to Make a Useful Organizer From Plastic Bottle and Pencils?

    That's an interesting looking trough for organizing your stationery! I would prefer something that made use of the space a little better, but this is a cute idea if you've got a bit of time to do things with some recyclables in the house! Save the Earth and all that right?

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  • PaulChau commented on neslo63's instructable IPhone Pocket Speaker2 days ago
    IPhone Pocket Speaker

    This looks so simple yet so advanced. It works and it does not even need additional energy. Thanks for sharing an eco-friendly idea that better our daily lives though on small scale.

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  • PaulChau commented on nwilliamson7's instructable Space Balls9 days ago
    Space Balls

    What a fun idea to educate people on the different planets that make up the solar system. I am sure kids would be so enthusiastic to learn about them instead of simply showing them a book or a video. Physical objects are always more dynamic and explain theories better.

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  • PaulChau commented on JasonF205's instructable Faux Wood Panels!15 days ago
    Faux Wood Panels!

    Wow, it looks like you really spent a lot of effort on this mate! It looks really great after you've coloured it in and worked out the grooves! The final look is really quite impressive and it's something you're going to be proud of having in your house now!

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  • PaulChau commented on MymlanOhlin's instructable DIY Skeleton Bottles15 days ago
    DIY Skeleton Bottles

    These would be great for Halloween or even a themed event like a birthday party. Kids would love them as they are not that scary but still a little spooky. I wouldn't mind keeping them after the event because they look so fun.

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  • PaulChau commented on Simon_Cloutier's instructable Sugar Shack4 weeks ago
    Sugar Shack

    Beautiful finish! I don’t have maple trees around the vicinity of my home so I reckon this gem could be a great hideout too. The kids would love to have a space of their own away from the main house too. This beats a treehouse, anytime!

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  • PaulChau commented on MisterM's instructable 1986 Raspberry Pi Video Doorbell5 weeks ago
    1986 Raspberry Pi Video Doorbell

    There is a modern version that is readily available in stores today. You can access the app from anywhere where there's a connection and you can save the video recordings too. It works great for receiving of parcels when you are away and to prevent thefts as the app detects motion too.

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  • PaulChau commented on EvanS87's instructable Hanging Garden in Guadua8 weeks ago
    Hanging Garden in Guadua

    That is a gorgeous plant. It makes me want to try this build out just to have a little bonsai hanging on my window or somewhere in my home. I love how all the materials are so rustic and natural too. It feels like you're being extra conscientious about reusing and recycling to reduce the use of plastics and non-biodegradable things!

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  • DIY House Address Sign Using Hot Glue

    I reckon that if you can find some numbers and embellishments that suit your taste, this could be a really easy project to undertake. If you ask me, for durability and longevity reasons, I would much prefer to drill in metal bits to the backboard. Who knows how long that hot glue might last under the weather and elements!

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  • PaulChau commented on Simon_Cloutier's instructable Kitchen Island2 months ago
    Kitchen Island

    I have always wanted to build an island counter for my kitchen but thought they are just too bulky and take up too much unnecessary space. However, this cute yet practical size really changes my mind about it!

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  • PaulChau commented on LenkaDesign's instructable Industrial Beams for Kitchen Interior2 months ago
    Industrial Beams for Kitchen Interior

    This is a really cool idea if you can get your hands on such items. I don't think that there would just be such poles and industrial materials just lying around for you to commandeer for use in your house decorations! Haha!

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  • PaulChau commented on Mimikry's instructable DIY Magnetic Soap Holder2 months ago
    DIY Magnetic Soap Holder

    Okay, this is actually really, really cool! I And it accounts for dripping and all that, and you don't even have to pick it up to get your hands all soapy if you don't want to! It's genius!

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  • GrimmsBox: Build Your Own Storytelling Device

    I'm a little confused how this all works - I've never been a great fan of coding. But I can definitely see that there's a lot of potential for developing a tool like this. Most libraries would probably benefit from getting something like this installed in the children's section if it could help the kids with reading and to encourage more of them to love books more!

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  • PaulChau commented on CoralTV's instructable Small Space Holiday Tree3 months ago
    Small Space Holiday Tree

    I am intrigued as soon as I see the term "small space". There are just so many issues that could arise due to this situation and we need all the help we can get especially during the festive season. Apart from decorating, we also face space constraints when it comes to seating guests, serving of food, and many more. The little things count and to come up with an interesting small space holiday tree idea is just heartwarming.

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  • PaulChau commented on Wolftar's instructable Ice Climbing Practice Wall "Plice"3 months ago
    Ice Climbing Practice Wall "Plice"

    I don't think I could ever trust my own workmanship if it came down to something like this - I would probably worry my head off about whether the wood would take any weight, much less my hulking body!

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  • PaulChau commented on beamerpook's instructable Faux Living Stones (Lithops)3 months ago
    Faux Living Stones (Lithops)

    I can already feel the hair on my back standing on their ends when I somehow get to visualize the sound it makes when you are cutting the styrofoam. Nevertheless, I guess the eery experience would definitely be worth it as those pebble plants are really so costly indeed.

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  • PaulChau commented on nerdyKat's instructable DVD Cases Into Lampshade3 months ago
    DVD Cases Into Lampshade

    Hopefully it is still not too early to be upcycling DVD covers now. At first I thought these were CD covers, but little do I know that DVD covers might become obsolete too soon enough when everything goes digital.

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  • PaulChau commented on Nick70587's instructable Concrete Zelda Steps3 months ago
    Concrete Zelda Steps

    If only it were that easy to start engraving into concrete! I reckon you would have to have a pretty steady hand if you wanted your art to come out looking that good when you were done with drawing!

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  • PaulChau commented on MnMakerMan's instructable Whiskey and Coke RFID Lock Box3 months ago
    Whiskey and Coke RFID Lock Box

    That' s a pretty cool thing to do for safe and secure storage options at home. With this idea you could probably make a pretty neat combination of any pair of items you had in your house! Nobody would know that you had such sophisticated wiring behind your items if you didn't tell them first!

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  • PaulChau commented on GaryNDayton's instructable Back Yard Office3 months ago
    Back Yard Office

    This is lovely - thank you so much for the encouragement. This build is something that I personally would consider implementing but I reckon I'd need bigger windows because it gets really hot where I stay. Either that or I've got to figure out how to get a power generator to juice up some air-conditioning, otherwise I'm sure going to sweat myself to death in a little shed like this where I live!

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  • PaulChau commented on mebrad's instructable Awsome DIY Lamp3 months ago
    Awsome DIY Lamp

    That looks like so much work with the electrical portion to include. However, the end result looks incredible and the dynamic lighting system is a killer. That is when you'd know that all the work would pay off.

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  • PaulChau commented on gravitino's instructable A Tiny Telescope Observatory3 months ago
    A Tiny Telescope Observatory

    It looks like this amazing hangout spot does not require that much space afterall. Hence, just about anybody can build this mobile observatory to make the kids love you more. They would definitely appreciate all the effort put into the construction of this facility. Nothing beats having your own observatory that you can make full use without restriction at any location your 4-wheeler can bring you.

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  • PaulChau commented on Beetlesmart's instructable Mini Digital Library Bookcase 4 months ago
    Mini Digital Library Bookcase

    This is something that I think a lot of people would love to get if you could mass produce this. It looks utilitarian enough that people would want such a storage system for their data storage devices!

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  • PaulChau commented on SusanYoung1982's instructable Teardrop Camper Made of Wood4 months ago
    Teardrop Camper Made of Wood

    This is really what I love best about this webpage - all of the great ideas are so easily modified and personalised to suit your needs! It's great to see just how far a simple design can be taken to become more unique to the builder! I'm happy to see such a lovely rendition of the teardrop trailer. Just wondering what you've got in storage in there now that you have it! Haha!

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  • PaulChau commented on BogdanC5's instructable Reclaimed Wood Patio Armchair 4 months ago
    Reclaimed Wood Patio Armchair

    I have some scraps left in storage which I have been thinking of what to transform them into. So far the only ideas that I have had are just boxes, frames and other basic items. It would be a refreshing output to have a piece of furniture for a change. The lawn would definitely welcome a new addition where we can just laze around on a fresh coat of varnish.

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  • PaulChau commented on Songlin's instructable Love Box: Love and Rose, Tree and Sea4 months ago
    Love Box:  Love and Rose, Tree and Sea

    Gosh you must have spent so much time to do these! The wood work is so intricate!

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  • PaulChau commented on serhardt's instructable Making a Wooden Box Out of Cardboard4 months ago
    Making a Wooden Box Out of Cardboard

    I would really love to have a similar one but way bigger in size. It would really make a good storage solution or even double up as an ottoman. I'd just have to buy and install a neat piece of padding or cushion to make it work.

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  • PaulChau commented on formender's instructable How to Hide Your Router - Router Cabinet4 months ago
    How to Hide Your Router - Router Cabinet

    Storage cabinets like these are actually pretty awesome for concealing all those unsightly wires and devices. With this whole Marie Kondo movement, I reckon that a lot of people are now on a journey to tidy up their storage rooms and closets! This seems like the very next step in cleaning up...

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  • DIY Bird House Cover for Security Camera

    I think it makes a good accessory apart from concealing the security cameras as a decorative. The main idea is more of an effort to set a dual purpose prop instead of trying to hide the cameras.

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  • PaulChau commented on Mr.Sanchez's instructable Ye Old Student Desk5 months ago
    Ye Old Student Desk

    Such a remarkable transformation that would provide the new owner with a nice cozy place to read or work. The little storage space underneath makes it all even more practical without any additional needs for storage furniture like bookshelves or drawers. The dual purpose would most certainly be the main attraction of this masterpiece aside from its cute outlook.

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  • PaulChau commented on tpurdy518's instructable Entertainment Center From Old Dresser!5 months ago
    Entertainment Center From Old Dresser!

    It makes sense that an old dresser could be turned into an entertainment centre! I reckon that the storage drawer compartments are just the right size for all of your tech equipment. These days, there might be a lot less to actually put into an entertainment centre though since everything seems to be streaming rather than in a hard copy cassette or CD though!

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  • PaulChau commented on AlmaCG's instructable STAI Table5 months ago
    STAI Table

    I have always had a liking for coffee tables with hidden storage. I find them more appealing because you are able to stow away the messes in the living room to be concealed without a trace.

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  • PaulChau commented on bpoulton's instructable Toy Chest or Cat Litter Box 5 months ago
    Toy Chest or Cat Litter Box

    I could foresee myself using this as a storage ottoman instead where all the bits and pieces lying around in the living room would eventually have a resting place. It is always good to have additional seats around just to prepare for unexpected guests.

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  • PaulChau commented on raltyinferno's instructable Bluetooth Back-lit Display Shelf5 months ago
    Bluetooth Back-lit Display Shelf

    It is amazing enough to be able to build this LED lighted storage shelves from scratch, but to be able to write your own program to control its lighting is simply outstanding! I can just imagine the different knick-knacks I can display on this extraordinary showcase which are bound to be the center of attention.

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  • Hidden Rotary-Post Jewelry Box (With Three Secret Compartments)

    I am a huge fan of secret storage compartments not because I have great secrets of my own. However, it is just the thrill that I get when I get to place any items inside and pretend to be a top secret agent. It doesn't really matter if at the end of the day, the items that I store inside are mere knick-knacks that are not even worth any good. The most important aspect of the project is to just know that there is a hideout place to look at should anything gets misplaced.

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  • PaulChau commented on Nscottrdcs's instructable Hidden Wall Compartment!6 months ago
    Hidden Wall Compartment!

    Hidden compartments are great at concealing messes but they might need a great deal of space to build. I think such an idea would be ideal for the children's rooms where they can simply dump their toys and other things into the hidden storage anytime. It would take them a shorter time to complete and the mess can be well hidden too.

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  • PaulChau commented on patsheldon's instructable DIY Attic Storage Assistance 7 months ago
    DIY Attic Storage Assistance

    We have a similar pulley system for our own attic. It definitely helps with all the heavier and bulkier items that need to go into storage - especially the Christmas tree, if you know what I'm saying! I reckon that more people should be told that such options are available to help them keep their storage areas better managed!

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  • PaulChau commented on gadget-man's instructable Hidden Room Under the Stairs7 months ago
    Hidden Room Under the Stairs

    This is a really clever idea! I have always thought of building a store room underneath the stairs but never thought to make it well-hidden!

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  • PaulChau commented on Unboxingexperience7's instructable DIY Mini Pond7 months ago
    DIY Mini Pond

    This idea would be a definite crowd favourite at my household where children roam freely every weekend when loved ones come to visit. It would be our personal little science project that is not that difficult to set up, yet delightful and educational.

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  • PaulChau commented on AMbros Custom's instructable Stainless Steel Doors7 months ago
    Stainless Steel Doors

    This is a really cool idea but unless the stainless steel is solid all the way through, I have a feeling that it'll be quite flimsy right? And who has so much steel lying around in storage anyway? I'd like to see what this looks like a couple years down the road too or if you've treated it to prevent rusting and degradation? Otherwise it really IS a cool idea!

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  • Building the Bedroom Wardrobe / Cabinet

    That is a massive project! But the final look is just so satisfying! Thanks for sharing the steps of building this storage unit mate! I'm sure that a lot of people can benefit from your sharing!

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  • PaulChau commented on Cms1218's instructable Custom Headboard Build and Finish7 months ago
    Custom Headboard Build and Finish

    This gives me a very interesting idea of actually adding storage space behind the headboard itself! Since we are customizing it, why not make every effort count? Storage beds are so 20th century. Hello headboard storage, here I come!

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  • PaulChau commented on JeremyC5's instructable Deconstructed Planter11 months ago
    Deconstructed Planter

    That is a unique way of using a storage pot as a decorative. I think you would need to think out of the box in order to achieve this creative result. If someone who is always direct like myself, it might require some time to get my creative juices pouring out. Thus, ideas from others are what inspire me always.

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  • PaulChau commented on wannabemadsci's instructable Monster Toy Picker-Upper11 months ago
    Monster Toy Picker-Upper

    I am not seeing the storage compartment portion. Perhaps it could be built with bigger so as to accommodate toys of different sizes. This way, clean-up would be a breeze every time.

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  • PaulChau commented on BorkWood's instructable Modern Coat Rack11 months ago
    Modern Coat Rack

    Coat storage at my home has always been the boring metal hanger type that is still in a good condition even after so many years. For me, durability and practicality are what truly matter at the end of the day. However, it does no harm trying out new and creative ideas from time to time.

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  • Deck Building Plan - Wrap Around deck, Raised deck, Under deck storage Idea

    This looks like such a big job! I'm so happy that it turned out so well for you guys! Not everyone is blessed to have that much space nor the ability and foresight to utilise their space as well as this though and I can only imagine how that walk around deck is going to bring joy to your family in the evenings when you stand out there! Not to mention all the additional storage underneath! You guys can close up your storage unit and bring your stuff home! Haha!

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  • PaulChau commented on drcj's instructable Cheap Storage Shelves3 years ago
    Cheap Storage Shelves

    If these storage shelves are cheap to build, I think that it might be a good idea for me to go pick up some extra plywood or planks from the neighbours so that we can put them out for some of our customers to use! Lord knows some of the storage units here could definitely use a little bit more organization and as a value added service, I'm sure my customers would love the material to build their own shelving!

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  • Camping Storage Heater from Bricks, Sand and an Ammo Tin.

    This makes me glad that it doesn't quite get that cold where we are for us to need one of these, but it looks like something simple and cheap enough to make for people who need a bit of extra warmth. Could make sense for us to make a few for our customers to take out to their storage units in winter since the units without climate control can get quite a bit nippy!

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  • PaulChau commented on guicarlorobelli's instructable Bed Frame With Storage3 years ago
    Bed Frame With Storage

    I personally don't think that drawers under the bed will provide quite enough storage space in the room for me! And especially if you are renting a room, I think you'd be better off with self storage units so that you get the right amount of capacity to store things that can't fit in your room! In any case, thanks for the tutorial! It could pay off to adapt so that I can install more drawers under existing furniture in the room!

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  • PaulChau commented on caitlinsdad's instructable 1UP Mushroom Cardboard Storage Stool3 years ago
    1UP Mushroom Cardboard Storage Stool

    This is a really cute storage unit but to be honest, but a little bit too much work for something that's this size! Haha! I think it might go well if you think of converting an entire room into a Mario Brothers themed space but if not I think I will stick with clean lines and wood textures for all of my storage solutions! But in the mean time, I will need more space so I won't be giving up my lease at the self storage facility just yet! Haha!

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  • PaulChau commented on makaalohilohi's instructable Damage Free Leaning Wall Organizer3 years ago
    Damage Free Leaning Wall Organizer

    This is a great way to do a DIY of doing a safe secure way to store documents and other stationary in your desk or working space. It doesn’t cost much too! Just a little creativity and time to do it would make it work.

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  • Multi-Book Secret Storage Compartment

    This is one great way on how to clear space bookcase! Convert old books to have concealed storage in your bookshelf. Just make sure you do not need the books anymore. Otherwise, it is just a waste to cut through the books that you will still find some use.

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  • Upcycle metal food tins into storage containers

    This is a wonderful way to keep you storage boxes at home looking good without having to go all out and buy new things. It would probably work on all my other storage containers at home too I think! Instead of having to worry about coordinating a bunch of different things, I should just get a can of spray paint ready and instantly make everything match!

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  • The Cubic Foot Box - Another Storage Solution

    Thanks for sharing this! This would be an even better instructable if I had a lot of spare wood planks lying around I think! It looks easy enough to construct as long as you have the materials on hand. The wooden box is a timeless addition to the household. Neither ugly nor too flashy! And it really helps you with maximising storage space in the home if you pack them in a way such that they can still stack on one another too!

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  • PaulChau commented on WildmanProject's instructable Outside Storage Box - Part I3 years ago
    Outside Storage Box - Part I

    I'm not too sure that I like the idea of a permanent storage container sitting on my yard although that means that I have all the time in the world to get my things in order and pack that storage container! I would prefer that everything get moved away after everything is packed so I don't have to deal with the eyesore of it around though. That would be ideal! Coupling your storage solution with convenience and capacity!

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  • PaulChau commented on Wholemealhobo's instructable Modular Wooden Storage Unit3 years ago
    Modular Wooden Storage Unit

    I can see myself taking on this cupboard DIY sometime in the next week or so. I think it's time for a little change up in the living room and a bit of tidying in the meantime too! Hopefully getting this new cupboard built in can help me clear space in the bookcase or at least organize my house a little better. The colours are sure to lend a little bit of something different to the room too!

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  • Large Self-Watering Planter + rain water storage UPDATE

    Now that's what I'm talking about! Getting the most out of your RV in as many ways as possible! I would not really not have thought that a person would be able to grow a garden when they stay in a mobile vehicle to be honest! But it looks like your plants are really doing well! How do you get sun in on them if you're not parked and I'm wondering how you're going to manage when they start growing into mini trees! Update us!

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  • Home Built Hydroponics Unit for an 8th Grade Science Classroom - The Hydroshack Lives Again!

    I salute you in your dedication for helping out with a school project! I honestly don't remember putting in quite so much effort on my own school experiences when I was younger haha! With that much effort put into building it, I hope that you guys get a lot of use out of it and lots of yummy vegetables to boot! It would be quite a waste to have that tucked away or to use self storage units to keep it after the project has been graded!

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  • PaulChau commented on rbyrer's instructable electronics parts storage3 years ago
    electronics parts storage

    This drawer is well done and so nicely put together! I am really in awe of the neatness and orderliness of this whole storage solution! I would honestly be quite afraid that all the little bits would go flying if I didn't open this drawer properly though and it'll be hell trying to put everything back in its proper place after that. Best to pack storage containers that have lids in my opinion!

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  • Built In storage for our laundry room!

    It is always good to find ways in maximizing space in your laundry room. Building some storage given such a small space will always be a good idea. But just do take note to allow some space, too, when you need to have some maintenance of the washing machine. Otherwise, you just have to dismantle it again, resulting to damaging the DIY storage.

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  • Additional Insulation Attic storage soultion

    When there is a will, there is a way. Good job on maintaining some storage in your attic while providing the necessary insulation. These are easy steps to do a DIY, which can be followed by those who are experiencing the same issue with their attic.

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