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  • PaulEngineer commented on ThisIsSteve's instructable Mini Audio Transmitter2 years ago
    Mini Audio Transmitter

    Hey! I'm new here! I would like to make this kind of transmitter but I'm afraid that it will not work properly! Is there any tips on how exactly I should to do every step? I need to know that because the soldering, the position of any of this components including the battery (I don't know why) the turns of the inductor, all this have matter and depending on this all facts the transmitter will work! It is not like battery and the light bulb, which position you want to join them they will still work! I don't know I confuse myself! I had made the circuit given by ASCAS but it didn't work properly! I need help on this! What about your circuit how you solder all the components together? With cables or something else?

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