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  • PaulP73 commented on Syst3mX's instructable Make A Digital Clock From Scratch3 years ago
    Make A Digital Clock From Scratch

    Hi, i have finished making the circuit and i uploaded the program to my atmega328 chip.But there's a problem. When i connect a 9V battery to it, only the 4 dots lit. I am confused maybe it's because of the wiring but i definitely did what it is written in there and in the diagram. Also maybe because of the resistors i used? By the way i used yellow LEDs and i used 150ohms resistor for current limitting. Can you help please? Or anyone? Thanks.

    Also i am wondering. You use 150ohms for current limitting for 3 blue LEDs in parallel. But when i compute it with what formula you gave i only got 20ohms. (Vcc-Vled)/(Iled*3)

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