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  • Star Track - Arduino Powered Star Pointer and Tracker

    Firstly, great and inspired project! I've been trying to build one myself over last few weeks but hit an issue with the sketch; the rig just seems to want to constantly spin and pivot as opposed to point at a star? Can't seem to troubleshoot this, hoping someone else may have a resolution...Thanks!

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  • Make a Cloud Chamber using Peltier Coolers

    Hi, I have built a cloud chamber into an insulated wall clock with a perspex outer clock face/ surface. My query is in regards to the static component; The perspex face retains an ample static charge within the material itself and the chamber is approx. 4cm deep. Is this sufficient (with occasional recharging) to keep the atmosphere clear of dust and ions for better ion trails within the super saturated alcohol layer or will I need to implement another feature for this application? I have never been clear on the static component of this chamber and wish to avail of your expertise! Also, is there any source (other than the Ebay connection) that sells the 12710 168W Peltier cooler modules?

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