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  • How to Repair skipping/missing shift for 04 impala transmission

    Wooo, im bookmarking this and will be doing this to mine in the very near future.

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  • PaulR238 commented on mfrontuto's instructable how to bypass the amp in a 2004 impala3 years ago
    how to bypass the amp in a 2004 impala

    #1.) If your radio is cutting off due to the amp, you have a short.#2.) "You cant connect the front tweeter, or so i was told."? The front tweeter? Really? As if its separate from the door speaker?#3.) Your wiring diagram is off, and your hand written one is not very intuitive.Rear Speaker +'s @)are the same on GM, the grounds will be different. Also, in A3 is where the the White wire goes, not B3, and it is NOT Antenna Signal Sensor, but rather ACC Power on.I just finished my wiring on my Canadian Factory Built 2004 Impala Base 3.4 Police Suspension Package, until i put a digital signal processor in to add back in the lost sound and cancel out/reduce more noise.

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