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  • I get the Idea on how this works & all but just did a test & I can't get my thread to be sucked into the jar unless it gets sucked up into the other air hose I guess the cleaning solution pushes it through? I'm lost any help would be great thanks

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  • well I took all the wires out cleaned up the terminals put it all back together I did have to re-solder one wire that went to the head shell that I cut, Next time I'll change the RCA plugs I think that might be it. Thanks

    But I did get it working again

    Thanks AlexF254 I might have to do this which cartridge/ head did you buyThanks

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  • Pdrummer commented on sunshiine's instructable Mini RCA Record Player

    Great little project Now you just gotta get it to spin & play some music LOL!!!!

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  • I have a Dual 506 tt with a mmc 10 E B&O stylus.I put a record on yesterday and music only came out of one speaker? I did aprocess of elimination since I have my DVD player & cd player hooked up tomy receiver I put a cd in & music came out and both of the speakers soobviously it means that something is up w/ the Dual turntable. I then hooked upone of my spare turn table and it's working fine music out of both speakers. Then I took a needle from one of my otherturntables replace it with the B&O needle and see if it is the needle orthe turntable & again music came out of both speakers. I just want to knowif anybody had this problem & think it's the needle? I wonder if the stylusis worth getting fixed?. Any other suggestionswould be great thanks..Pdrummer

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