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  • just now got myself a DS.. so gonna try this, but with panels from solar lamps. each gives me about 1-1.2v, so i figure 6 is more than enough. not sure how many mA they produce, but i will find out as soon as my paint has dried(recoloring it while i am modifying it anyways)

    i dont see why it should not work. though i would suggest NOT soldering to the battery..

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  • you can yes, just make sure the end result of the antenna is about 30mm in length, for the best results.if the antenna on the board is about 15,, long, add a single wire that is about 15 mm long, and it should work just fine.

    i have ones with a similar design, where i bought a small handful to try out different methods..the one that works best so far, is to use old ribbon cable, make the length about 15mm and add it to the end of the antenna on the board(the red part, yoinked your image, hope you don't mind)i got a good 10 meter range boost from it..

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