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  • PeterD222 commented on cwbenz's instructable FAN Repair8 weeks ago
    FAN Repair

    Step 2 shows a very nice schematic. Thanks for that. But the word "CONCEALED" is spelled with only one "L."

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  • PeterD222 commented on frEmn's instructable Repair mouse with double click problem2 years ago
    Repair mouse with double click problem

    frEmn thanks much for a clear and concise instructable. my mouse wasn't a Logitech product. it was a Rocketfish which is the Best Buy store brand. and the small size of the switch surprised me a little even though i had opened the mouse once before, but not for this reason. i had dropped it into water. and i was drying it out. all went well. about the switch, for me the toughest part was removing the brass spring without destroying it (whew!!!). and then after bending it into shape it took me about 10 tries and about 20 minutes to get the spring back into place. thanks again.

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