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  • It's meant to be a kit you would grab when walking up to an accident scene. I don't want a kit with everything in it, we have ambulances within 10 minutes. In my vehicle I have more extensive support tools and first aid, but this is the kit I will grab when walking up to a car accident. I published it with the hope that other readers would be motivated to make a similar one to give them confidence to help someone in need. I welcome any constructive criticism, rather than ridicule.

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  • Thank you for the detailed reply. I'm going to get a compact Stethoscope from Amazon, about $16 and practice a bit with it. I was also thinking of adding a Sam Splint for a quick cervical collar. I see some extraction collars but they seem rather bulky to be in a car kit, but no doubt necessary. Also good point on noting when a tourniquet is applied, I'll add a Pen to the kit as well.Disconnecting the battery is an excellent idea, in my vehicle I do have cable cutters for that but I heard it creates some issues later for the car owner if the car is a minor accident, would definitely want to just disconnect it with a toolAll the suing is a shame, when I got my EMT back in the early 90's they warned me to be careful on accident scenes.

    ok got it!

    Thank you, good info the gloves I have are Nitrile.. I didn't quite get the significance of Nitrile with Alergies, I do now.I agree on training, EMT courses are fun and serious at the same time, and 1st aid courses are a must.

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