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  • High Quality (and Safe) Copper Plating

    I want to clean up some damaged spots on the copper plated (steel?) chassis of an old radio, so I'll have to use some kind of larger (I'm thinking the old glass cake pan we got in the kitchen) container for the electrolyte. In this situation, would it be better to use a 12 volt (i.e. car) battery because the electrode and anode are further apart?

    How? I'd like to do some spot restoration on the copper plated chassis of an old radio...

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      • Quick and Dirty Mosquito Trap
      • Send Texts With Intel Edison (Party Alarm)
      • Email With Intel Edison (Intruder Alarm)
  • PhilipB25 commented on tomatoskins's instructable Perfect Workbench2 years ago
    Perfect Workbench

    My Father in law just passed, I'm sure he has most (if not all) of the tools and materials SOMEWHERE in his shop (converted from an old barn), I guess now I'll have to figure out how to use all those tools and stuff and build this!!

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