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  • WiFi Controlled LED Strip With BLYNK

    Hi!! as a real noob with Blynk I created the legacy server as I dont want to be using internet for such simple task. MY server is working but I just cant get it on how to link my 3 signal from the widget to send it to my 3 pin on my nodemcu v3.Can you put your total code online as the page to generate the code changed on the blynk page.

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  • On an enegy level, there is no difference, no improvement.. but on the COST side, yes there could be a lot on money saved.. water cost a lot less then gasoline (unless you drink Perrier) but tap water in here is cheap, real cheap and if it can help some fuel.. that is where someone will save.. But not on the energy ratio created.

    there is not waste energy, there is more energy potential. And alternator or gererator use mecanical energy to make electrical energy, the more power you ask at the generetor, the more mecanical energy it need to make it. Think of a small dynamo you had on your bike. When the light where off the dynamo was easy to turn and all was well, not turn the light on, and you had to work a lot harder to acheive the same speed..

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