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  • Low Cost and Accurate Incubator for DIY Biology

    The code should definitely work. You might want to change the PID parameters a little bit to optimize. However 600W coil will definitely draw more current from the circuit. So the wiring, as well as the ratings of the resistors, should be improved. What is the AC voltage you are using? 110V or 220V

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  • Sorry for the late reply. I haven't use it before. I'm pretty sure you can, you will need to tweak the temperature reading part of the code. But the main logic and power controlling section can stay the same. Let us know how it goes.

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  • Hi Jon, Congratz! Great to hear that your incubator is working. And thanks a lot for the photos.This work is a part of my PhD research where I study the challenges and opportunities for utilizing open-source hardware platforms to support community driven science practices. I would love to hear more about your work and your experience of working in this project. Let me know if you are interested in having a short over-the-phone/skype conversation with me. Your thoughts will be immensely helpful for my research. In the meantime I can ship you the power module if you still want to try it out.Thanks.

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  • Hi Mark, it is great to hear you you are trying out our design. Yes I can send you the board. Please send me your address that I can ship. Looking forward. Thanks.

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  • Hey Billy,It might effect photosensitive cultures. We have never worked with fungi.

    Hi, the one I used is not listed in DigiKey anymore. But you could find one from Amazon.

    Hi Jon, thanks for trying out my Instructable. It seems your circuit is ok. What version of Arduino you are using? I think we might need to tweak the Arduino code a bit if you are not using an UNO or Nano. And are you within the US? If not please let me know the frequency of your mains power too.

    Hey sorry for the loooong delay in replying.140F is definetly doable. With this 75W bulb I tested up to 70C (160F) without melting the styrofoam.

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