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  • PoochieP commented on Loblaw's instructable Homemade 'Mars Bars'2 years ago
    Homemade 'Mars Bars'

    sorry, but how is this a mars bar? Lovely little recipe, but isn't this a "millionaires shortcake"? A Mars bar would have nougat

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  • PoochieP commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Glow table3 years ago
    Glow table

    really like the idea and the finished results in some of the pictures shown are awesome. I haven't read through all the comments, but if it hasn't been mentioned before, a stencil and a bit of work with a router just opens up another world of possibilities. In my head, I have the mortal combat logo for some reason, I don't even like the game! Or am I missing something here?

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