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  • Apologies aboit all the rough spelling...via phone its hard to double check!

    Its great! The only thing that i noticed was that the piece i added earlier....used to come with it and not its just the red and black positive and neg...which means more flexibity on how to power but confused the heck out of me! I made one for myself. Used 2 rolls of led and didnt have to sauder. But i did use the clamp connectors for the of all IS I DIDNT HAVE TO MELT METAL ONE TIME! i just stuck the two led sticky sides together to where is made an almost rounded led...onky because i had such ample amount. Prob shaved 20 to 30 mins off

    I made it! Great directions. Just a few things to add. You need a "Size M coaxial DC power jack" Tip size 5.5mm O.D. x 2.1mm ID. prob have it on amazon too but that basically the female to the male on the power jack. You unscrew the femail and thats where you connect the wires. Thecenter is the negative...we like somone else had mentioned you just make sure you keep black with black and red with red.Also that 4 connector recomended above would be choice.Finally I got Female crimp on quick disconnects a variety pack from radio shack also it hook in the internal that was listed above. Jusy find the one that fits for you :)

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