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  • I have a couple of WWI soldier's tins for holding bacon, salt, coffee etc. to keep poison gas out. They're sheet iron or steel, the tin is long gone. What they really need is hot tin dipping but no place local does it, and net places charge fortunes and only want to do kitchen pots. Is there a way to do a process like yours? How would I strip the gray metal down to plate-able metal- acid, maybe?

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  • Pygar commented on cyann04's instructable Authentic Hamburger Gravy

    Scones. Flour, baking powder, and some water, baked into golden brown discs about as big around as a pop can and twice as high as a thumb is wide.

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  • Can Kodi handle pdf, epub, mobi, and other text files? Not much point in a media player that can't handle the most common media around, and some of us *need* our text on a large screen. Is there a browser? IMDB and YouTube would be hard to reach without it... Nice article!

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