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  • Disaster preparedness; Medical kit *Photos updated 9/5/15

    A great addition to any first aid kit is some compression wrap. It comes in many widths and colors and is easy to find at any CVS or Walgreen's or Amazon. It has very good self-sticking properties and is very useful keeping an adhesive bandage (Band-Aid) where it belongs, or a piece of gauze wrapped tight around a wound. In addition to keeping bandages where they belong, on the wound, it has good compression qualities which applies mild presssure to the wound.

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  • Pyrate51 commented on Logan302's instructable EASY LINT FIRE STARTERS3 years ago

    Unless you are certain that your dryer lint contains 100% natural fibers such as cotton or silk, keep your mouth and nose a safe distance when you light synthetic lint. Otherwise you might breath in a head-spinning toxic cocktail.

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  • Pyrate51 commented on wide-worlds-joy's instructable How to make firestarter straws3 years ago
    How to make firestarter straws

    I have also used vaseline impregnated dryer lint "balls" in the past as firestarters but have found that you have to be careful if your dryer lint contains too much synthetic fabric. Get too close to the fire fumes when you light this and you can get a wierd rush / head spin much like some of the fumes I breathed as a kid when playing down the basement with my junior chemistry set. (Whoa....what the hell was that?!?!?) I try and use cotton balls now as they are quite cheap and cotton does not emit anything toxic when burning. I have also hit my dentist up for handfuls of those cotton cylindars they often stick in your mouth when doing dental work. They are much denser that cotton balls and fluff up nice. mmuch olike

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