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  • Brilliant Angle Nail Trick From Old Carpenter

    look at the final pix to see why stronger. the nail out bottom is angling outwards, two of them opposite each other are sort of like a dove tail joint ... angling straight in like normal toe-nail would allow a twist to pull opposite side "straight" out but same twist here nail bent to almost 90 degrees. might even be better than straight screws.... an engineering major could run the numbers to see what force required to strip screw in wood vs the 75 degree - 90 degree bent nail but it's a toss up by my eyeball evaluation

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  • QazW2 commented on mikey77's instructable How to Make Your Own Sugru Substitute2 years ago
    How to Make Your Own Sugru Substitute

    i have a gut reaction to your question thinking the Oogoo will either clog or cure too quickly but for a true answer someone needs to experiment (and risk ruining a 3D printer) i do expect that the failures will be recoverable although it could take hours to remove the glop from extrusion head

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  • Bloody Broken Candy Glass Cupcakes for Halloween

    or add a few drops of comercial flavoring :D

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  • QazW2 commented on wold630's instructable Black Lemonade2 years ago
    Black Lemonade

    concerning "settling" problem mentioned.... Assuming the "hours" needed, a simple pump fountain should keep the carbon circulating. I think I remember an instructables from a few years ago (at least two I think) that did just that... Frankly it has been so long that not sure it was here but cannot think where it would have been otherwise (I'm thinking saw it before I knew about Maker)

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  • QazW2 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Best Ginger Beer2 years ago
    Best Ginger Beer

    A Mormon friend of mine makes root beer with dry ice as carbonization. I can't think why it wouldn't work for this recipe also (put syrup and water in a pressure cooker and seal after adding piece of dry ice)

    might also be an alcoholic with wishful thinking :/ ... I never think that root beer or ginger beer could be alcoholic. Nor cider. All are marked as HARD if alcohol is present. .... .... Vernors is my favorite and despite being brewed and then aged for 5, 8, and 10 years the blended syrup has zero alcohol.

    all natural carbonation uses yeast (this recipe uses "injection" whether you use soda water or actually do the injection yourself) .... So adding yeast will give alcohol and carbonation. From my mead making experience, if you want to add a yeast I suggest avoiding normal "beer" yeasts as they likely will overpower flavors. (Do you want GINGER beer or do you want beer flavored with ginger). ... A champagne yeast will give better flavor with a side effect of possible higher alcohol content. (Champagne yeasts are cultivated to allow 2% or 3% more alcohol before yeast dies)Face it, if you are going yeast route you want more if you can.

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  • QazW2 commented on lostbord999's instructable How to make Mead (Honey Wine)2 years ago
    How to make Mead (Honey Wine)

    those "cans" of lemonade mix are usually frozen (found in frozen section of market) and can be substituted with a mixture of simple syrup and lemon juice

    wouldn't then boiling of the canning process kill the yeast?

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  • QazW2 commented on educ8s's instructable Art Deco Weather Forecast Display2 years ago
    Art Deco Weather Forecast Display

    yeah, he didnt record connecting power. both boards appear to be 5 volts... so you can take it from there (off the shelf power brick or even inserting a battery but the USB (used to program it) should also work to power itgreat idea and project but rates at advanced due to steps omitted since they are obvious to a DIY veteran but a newbie might get confused

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  • QazW2 commented on Penolopy Bulnick's instructable Candy Cane Bark2 years ago
    Candy Cane Bark

    I would suggest a combination of "no-tear" celophane (the cereal bag mentioned) inside a very large self closing bag (Ziploc is just one brand name) (remove as much air as convenient before sealing)this prevents breakout as well as accidental spillage of the pieces

    I call for a road trip to Penolopy's house :P

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  • QazW2 commented on tomatoskins's instructable Double Marble Puzzle2 years ago
    Double Marble Puzzle

    yes only two marbles are required but (1) good luck trying to find a package of just one or two marbles for sale... and (2) just like Lays Patato Chips, good luck on being satisified with just one

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  • QazW2 commented on VladI4's instructable Cheap DIY Ambientlight using Arduino2 years ago
    Cheap DIY Ambientlight using Arduino

    the TV would need some way to tell the light driver (the nano) what colors are around the edge of the screen. the software that this DIY uses runs on windows only. so even if the TV had such output it would be a whole different setup to connect to the LED lamps

    search for the code number or if you are adventurous you could do a search for controllable LEDs and price compare yourself. if something else becomes cheaper adjusting the settings should be only a small problem

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  • QazW2 commented on Carl Gordon Media's instructable $100 Smart Mirror Pi3 years ago
    $100 Smart Mirror Pi

    the sexiness is "reflective" of the build :P

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